Summary of the electoral programme of CGT-CELLS (2013)

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Who are we?
Our candidates list integrates members of  CGT-CELLS trade union section and independents.
The center of decision-making is the member assembly. We meet on a regular basis in order to discuss specific questions and choose our action course. Regarding the Works Council, we see our mission as a representation task, transmitting the workers demands and proposals and offering them our resources, experience and infrastructure.

Why are we running for elections again?   
Because our way of working has been successful and has significantly improved the situation of CELLS employees.
Because we learned a lot. We have built an infrastructure that provides us with good legal and technical  counseling. We consider that it is good to rotate tasks and that participation in the Works Council should not become ¨professionalized¨, this is why we are presenting a list which combines new faces with members of the present Works Council.
Because we know how to adapt to the new reality. We have lived through very significant changes in our lab and we adapted accordingly. One of our main priorities is to maintain and reinforce the dialogue with our Director, without losing sight of our initial objectives.
Our project
  •  Negotiation and follow-up of the agreements and regulations
CGT-CELLS takes as a matter of high importance the preparation of the negotiation and the analysis of the proposals with our lawyers. The direct participation of those affected is very important. Our experience has shown us that once an agreement is signed, it must be followed up closely to make sure it is correctly applied.

  • Fix deficiencies in health and safety
The prevention delegates worked hard to ensure that the health and safety of the personnel at work is guaranteed. We have acted in a constructive way, proposing specific measures, and using technical arguments for our observations. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of structural aspects that need to be addressed in order to ensure that CELLS manages safety properly.
  • Eliminate the use of temporary contracts
CELLS is making temporary contracts to cover structural positions. In CGT-CELLS we are working to correct this anomalous situation which imposes an uncertain future for many workers.
  • Consolidate the dialogue with the Director
The new CELLS Director helped in building-up of dialog bridges, and from our side, we made our position very clear: we need strengthen them. But in some aspects there have been no more than a statement of intentions. With our four years experience, we will continue looking for agreement positions to solve conflicts and create a good working atmosphere.

  • Working for equality at work
There is an obvious income discrimination in our company. CGT-CELLS already started several action courses to tackle this issue. We push for proposals to correct this uneven situation and improve the work and family life balance.

  • Management Transparency
The transparency in all matters related with the Consortium Management is a priority for our section, as our experience taught us that it is a basic pre-condition to solve many other issues such as the salary discrimination, as well to dissipate doubts regarding bad management or arbitrariness.

  • Workers Defense
We have always offered support and assessment to all colleagues whose rights had been violated at work. Our response to these situations has been firm and effective, with the aim of setting clear limits to the actions which are deemed unacceptable by the majority of the workers.
As a Union Section, and within the Works Council, our role is clear: defend the interests of the workers and act as a counter-balance so that CELLS Management takes us more into account..

You can read the full programme at:

" La utopía está en el horizonte. Camino dos pasos, ella se aleja dos pasos y el horizonte se corre diez pasos más allá. ¿Entonces para qué sirve la utopía? Para eso, sirve para caminar"

Eduardo Galeano

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