March 8th, General Feminist Strike

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Dear colleagues,
As you may know, on March 8th, International Day of Working Women, there is a call for both a general strike, partial strikes and various acts of vindication to make visible the still existing discrimination suffered by women either at their workplace, social and personal spheres.

From CGT-CELLS we are aware and sensitive to this reality; and we encourage you to think about the main problems over which the legislation and the agreements of the companies must act, and we can be ourselves the mechanism of this labor and social change:
  • Equality of working conditions and salary, regardless of gender
  • Equal access to management positions
  • Creation of mechanisms to avoid gender discrimination in labor selection processes
  • Visibility and awareness in the everyday situations of “micromachismos”, where the professional figure of the female workers is diluted by the simple fact of being women
  • Improvement of work-family-personal conciliation conditions
  • Propose the obligatory nature of paternity leave and that its duration is equal to maternity leave
  • Recognition of tasks in the domestic sphere, whose burden still falls mostly on women
How can we participate?

CGT-CELLS calls everyone to participate in this general strike and in the Barcelona demonstration at 6:30 p.m. in Passeig de Gràcia / Diagonal. We remind that this affects all those whose working hours, total or partial, take place during the mentioned day.

We link the programs of activities that will be held in Sant Cugat and the UAB and we will leave informative leaflets in the common areas such as canteen and photocopiers. For those who decide not to support the 24-hour strike, we remind you that there are also calls for partial strikes from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. which may allow you to join those acts that you consider appropriate. We encourage you to get in touch with the entities of your city or neighborhood to have more information.

The right to strike is a fundamental right of workers. The company will not be able to ask you to give prior notice of whether you will second it and it can not be assigned to any other worker to carry out your tasks.

Secretary of Equality and Gender CGT-CELLS

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