CGT-CELLS positioning about the latest strike calls

(published originally on 24 nov. 2017)

We have lately received questions and doubts from workers about the position of our Union Section concerning the latest calls for general strike.
With this communication we want to clearly express the position of CGT-CELLS union section in order to avoid confusion and misinterpretations.

  1. The latest joint communication from both union sections at CELLS was limited to inform that on November the 8th there was a call for strike and whoever wanted to join it was legally covered.
    At the whole Catalonia scope the CGT Union did not call the 8N strike. The decision was left to each individual union section since there was not enough time for a proper general discussion. Here at CGT-CELLS we pondered, on the one hand, the need to reject the repression and, on the other hand, the implications regarding the national debate. Finally we did not reach a consensus about the convenience of joining the strike and we decided to simply inform workers about their right to join it, but without explicitly calling to the mobilization, in contrast to what we had done in other occasions. But, from the comments that we have received we realized that the 7N communication was not understood in this sense by some, and hence the need for clarification.

  1. In the case of the strike on October the 3rd and the concentrations in front of CELLS we did indeed call, but always with the sole reason of protesting the repression against the people’s mobilizations and the attacks on civil rights. We consider that, should the repressive attitudes being normalized, it would affect everyone -beyond the national debate-, since it would limit, for example, our future capacity for enforcing existing rights or improving work conditions.

  1. At the same time, we are very aware that the same kind of repressive actions that we are now suffering from the Spanish State have already been inflicted on us by the Catalan Government and will surely continue in the future. CGT-CELLS has always rejected them, wherever they may come.

  1. Finally, we want to clarify that within CGT-CELLS there are different opinions about the Catalan national debate and also regarding the relative share of responsibility among those who brought us to the present situation.

We hope that our position concerning this topic is now clearer. Do not hesitate to ask more questions if you need further clarifications.


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